To increase the production capacity of your business, you can use a table-top refiner, like the Model 20. With its universal base and interchangeable bowls, you can swap them out based on the batch size or production level.

Spare bowls are also available, which reduces downtime and cross-contamination.

Model 20 refining machines have a UL, CE, and CSA-approved motor and controls, and process up to 22 pounds (10 kgs) of chocolate per batch.

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PGPR is an artificial emulsifier derived from castor oil

PGPR, a synthetic emulsifier derived from castaric acid, is an additive used in confectionary products.

Its functionality extends beyond chocolate, reducing yield stress while promoting emulsion stability in low-fat spreads, tin grease emulsions, and other products.

In addition to its use in confectionary products, PGPR has numerous other applications, including the manufacture of chocolate, confectionary, and pharmaceutical products.

PGPR is a highly lipophilic emulsifier derived from castol. It reduces the viscosity of chocolate by 50 percent and reduces cocoa butter by 8%.

Its use in chocolate equipment makes it easier to process and improves the quality of the coatings. It is manufactured in three-step process using castor oil.

PGPR is a common ingredient in confectionary equipment and is used to limit the amount of fat in chocolate.

The natural butter found in cacao beans and cacao butter is the primary source of fat in chocolate.

When it becomes saturated in chocolate, it results in fat bloom.

PGPR reduces the amount of fat in chocolate, allowing manufacturers to lower their costs while maintaining the same mouthfeel.

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Model 20 commercial refiner

The DCM Model 20 commercial chocolate refiner is a high-quality, UL and CE-certified appliance that allows you to produce award-winning chocolate and superior nut butters, spreads, and ice-cream bases.

The machine allows you to maximize the nutritional value of raw ingredients, such as nuts.

The machine is able to process approximately 22 pounds (10 kgs) of chocolate per batch, and it is compatible with a variety of raw ingredients.

For best results, you’ll want to begin refining chocolate in increments of one hour, and then finish by adding additional ingredients.

If you have a large batch of chocolate, this machine may be the right choice. Craft chocolate will be even smoother if you use the Santha Model 20.

This machine also features durable gears, sealed bearings, and strong belts, which prevent the creation of rubber dust.

Model 20 rotary sugar coating machine

The LST rotary sugar coating machine is a revolutionary piece of chocolate and confectionary equipment.

Its unique design includes a rotary drum structure with high-pressure spray nozzles to evenly coat even the most irregular shapes.

Most factories simply use a small pan to coat sugar-coated candies or chocolates.

This machine makes the process of coating chocolates and other confectionary products simple and easy, and lowers production costs.

The fully automatic production process ensures consistent quality across batches.

The price range for this piece of commercial chocolate equipment varies. Prices start from USD 1300.

The model that is right for you will depend on your budget, the type of product that you’ll be producing, and the design of the machine.

Generally, you’ll find that a quality panning machine costs around USD 3000. However, some panning machines feature additional features like auto-spray systems, which save you time and effort.

Model 20 continuous chocolate tempering machine

For a perfect finish to any chocolate product, you should invest in a commercial chocolate tempering machine. Continuous chocolate tempering machines produce perfectly tempered chocolate in a stream.

These machines can process up to 10 kg of chocolate per hour. Many of them also come with calibrated dosing for moulds and optional fully-featured enrobing.

Other types of chocolate tempering machines include wheel machines and wheel-type models, which are ideal for working with inclusions.

The Model 20 continuous chocolate tempering machine from Pomati is an industry-leading machine that is designed to produce a wide variety of confectionery products, including truffles and pralines.

This machine is compact and durable, and features all operational management functions. It also has a programmable dosing plate and mold feeding.

It is suitable for a wide range of industries and has been used by prestigious chocolate makers worldwide.

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