A chocolate production machine is a mechanical device that is used to make confectionery products. It contains components that facilitate the mixing of various ingredients, and helps in the transportation of mold plates.

This machine is capable of setting the desired shape of the finished product by releasing the mix within the mold.

Its control panel can also be used for various tasks, such as adding nuts.

This machine comes with an interactive control system that lets the operator input information from one station.

Then, the chocolate mold will cool down and solidify before packaging.

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Problems with chocolate production machine

Several processes are involved in the production of chocolate candy.

If you want your machine to operate as efficiently as possible, you should follow certain maintenance procedures and maintain it regularly.

These maintenance procedures include adhering to the specifications of the manufacturer, practicing proper clean-up procedures, grease-up of contact parts, and frequent maintenance schedules.

In addition to the above, you should be vigilant to spot any malfunctions that might occur.

Here are some common problems that might occur with your chocolate production machine.

Chocolate-making machines have various parts, including the heating and cooling units.

They all have different specifications and functions.

Keeping them in a proper condition and performing regular cleaning is essential to ensure they work at their best.

To avoid problems, make sure to clean your machine regularly and invest in a quality chocolate production machine.

Listed below are some of the most common problems that you may experience with your machine.

Once you’ve fixed these problems, you can begin producing chocolates efficiently and profitably.

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Maintenance of a chocolate production machine

The maintenance of a chocolate production machine involves the regular cleaning and inspection of various parts.

This preventive maintenance helps identify problems before they become serious, lowering the chances of malfunctioning.

It is essential to get regular checks from experts so that they can identify problems in time and provide preventive maintenance routines. Listed below are some tips on how to ensure the smooth functioning of your machine.

Once you have the basics down, you can start with regular programmed, preventive, and corrective maintenance.

Test and calibrate the chocolate-making machine’s controls. Test the temperature fluctuations and light signals, as well as check the components for proper operation.

Check the pressurized system, which supports the pumps. Check the speed of fans and servo controllers.

Then, configure the PLC and chip readers to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

You can contact suppliers for additional information.

Once you have established the appropriate equipment and processes for your chocolate-making machine, it’s time to conduct regular maintenance.

Control panel of a chocolate production machine

The control panel of a chocolate production machine is a human-machine interface, or HMI, that allows the operator to monitor and adjust various aspects of the process.

It contains a programmable logic controller and on/off switch knobs for regulating the flow of chocolate into the mould cavities.

The control panel also contains process controllers and limit switches, and the granular feed unit releases granules into the filled molds.

It also has a cooling tunnel for ensuring the molds are solid and free of heat during the process.

Before commissioning a chocolate-making machine, it is important to check its components.

The display units, light signals, and temperature fluctuations should be tested as well as the pressurized system supporting pumps.

The speed of fans and actuators in the cooling tunnel must also be checked. Lastly, it is essential to test the configuration of the PLC and chip readers.

Only then can the machine be put into operation. If there is no problem with any of these components, the control panel will function as designed.

Power requirement of a chocolate production machine

The power requirement of a chocolate production machine depends on the capacity of the production line.

A mid-sized production line processes two to three tons of chocolate per hour. It consists of a couple of refiners and four or five conches.

Its total installed power exceeds 1MW. Alternatively, if you want to increase the capacity of your production line, you can choose a larger one.

There are many options available, but the power requirement of a chocolate production machine depends on the size and features you need.

The chocolate-making process involves the cooking of dry cocoa and redistribution of flavor substances.

This process also removes unwanted acids and increases the viscosity of the finished chocolate.

Conches also serve as cleaning stations for chocolate machinery.

As the final stage of the chocolate-making process approaches the pasty phase, the power requirement increases.

This is due to the fact that chocolate-making machinery requires more power to operate and turn the shafts.

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