There are various types of chocolate manufacturing equipment for sale in the market. You can find a moulding machine, an automatic dispenser for crumble toppings, an Automatic temperature control device, and more.

Read on to learn about the best options for your business. Here are some useful tips to get started:

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Automatic chocolate moulding machine

An Automatic chocolate moulding machine is a machine that makes chocolates. It has different features such as high production rate, higher capacity and reliability.

The machine has a servo system and is capable of doing basic operations automatically.

A chocolate moulding machine is essential for any chocolate manufacturing business as it must be efficient and precise.

These machines come with a variety of accessories and stations. In addition to the above-mentioned features, they are highly customizable.

Chocolate moulds come in many different materials. Most common types are plastic or rubber, but polycarbonate moulds are available as well.

They also differ in their sizes. Early versions of the chocolate moulds hold about twenty grams of chocolate while recent models are only seven to ten grams.

Various shapes can be produced with an automatic chocolate moulding machine.

You can also choose an automatic chocolate moulding machine that suits your business requirements.

Just make sure you buy the right one according to the size of the production.

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Automatic dispenser for scattering crumble toppings

Automatic dispensers are used for scattering chocolate, cake, or crumble toppings.

They are available in a variety of models and sizes. In addition to chocolate machines, these devices can scatter nut butters, cheese crumbs, sugar, and icing.

The machines are in excellent condition and ready to go to work.

The machines are highly functional and can help a small business make delicious chocolate confections.

Automatic temperature control device

The Automatic temperature control device for chocolate manufacturing equipment measures and controls the temperature of the chocolate at different stages of the manufacturing process.

The thermometer measures the crystallization temperature and temperindex of the chocolate. It collects the tempered chocolate mass into a container for sampling.

This device is equipped with a digital temperature display. It is easy to use and ensures precise temperature control. There are several models available in the market.

Table-top models are designed for melting small amounts of couverture. They are lightweight, have removable stainless steel shells, and are easy to maintain.

They feature an automatic temperature control device with a temperature range of -65°C to 500°C. These machines can be imported to more than one hundred countries.

They ensure perfect homogenization and melting temperature control. Further, they reduce the risk of contamination by the presence of water.

Cocoa peeling machine

A Cocoa peeling machine is used for the process of processing cocoa beans into various confectioneries, including chocolate and candy.

Its features include a high degree of automation, a halving rate of over 98%, and a single step.

This machine is highly versatile and widely used in the chocolate and candy industries.

It is made of stainless steel and can process up to 200 kilograms of cocoa beans per hour.

The cocoa peeling machine consists of two main parts: a roller and a fan. The roasted cocoa bean is fed into the roller and is separated from the skin using a fan and a peeling roller.

Then, after being peeled, the cocoa kernel is discharged out of the machine through the discharging mouth.

The separation power of the cocoa bean skin and kernel can be controlled by adjusting the gap of the shell.

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