Chocolate machinery is important to the production of quality chocolate. Ingredients are combined in a mixing tank to form a thick paste that is used for the chocolate production process. The ingredients must be melted to combine properly, creating a quality product.

Once the ingredients are melted, the machinery moves them to the next stage of the production process, where they are molded into a chocolate bar.

This process ensures that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and a uniform paste is formed.

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Sollich KG

If you’re interested in purchasing chocolate production machinery, look no further than Sollich KG.

The largest manufacturer of enrobing lines in the world, Sollich has just enhanced their flagship machine, the Enromat M6.

In fact, Sollich has provided hundreds of enrobing lines. These machines are perfect for a wide variety of applications, including cereal bars, candy, and biscuits. Here, they detail their latest innovations.


The TYJ Series Chocolate Enrobing Machine is a highly efficient and affordable piece of chocolate machinery.

It allows you to refine chocolate paste on products with a variety of shapes, including wafers, nuts, and biscuits.

Its stainless steel construction and multifunction moulding heads ensure accurate enrobing every time. With its patented design, this machine leaves no dead angles.

Its automatic temperature control and cleaning function ensure a high level of efficiency.

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Tomric Systems is the exclusive distributor of Selmi Chocolate Machinery in North America.

Among the best chocolate machinery on the market, Selmi machines are perfect for upgrading your production line and making your business more efficient and productive.

To ensure that your investment in Selmi equipment is a success, contact our team of culinary experts today.

We will help you choose the most efficient machine for your needs and make the most of your investment.

Model Cocoa Bean Roaster

This electric-heating cocoa bean roaster adopts rotary drum principle and heat radiation to roast the material.

The efficiency of the machine is high and the process is easy to operate.

The electric heating tube generates heat and roasts the material by hot air convection or heat radiation.

It has a continuous propulsion device to ensure uniform heating. The cocoa beans in the cylinder are roasted evenly by the heating device.

Model Nine Foot Coating Refiner

The model Nine Foot Chocolate Coating Refiner was a popular choice for chocolate confectioners, as it had an enormous capacity.

The refining process involved amalgamation and the elimination of moisture, and was essential to confections that had ornaments or a finish.

It was designed to process batches of chocolate up to 6500 pounds per batch.

Despite its huge size, the machine still produced a fine-looking product.

Other manufacturers

Some other chocolate machinery manufacturers have an extensive range of equipment that will cater to all chocolate processing needs.

They specialize in chocolate machinery that will meet the needs of a variety of confectioneries, from bean-to-bar to compound candy bars.

Some of these chocolate machinery manufacturers also provide equipment for the electrical voltage and phase requirements.

Read on to discover more about the companies offering the most sophisticated chocolate processing machinery.

We also discuss the best brands for the job.

Specifications for buying a chocolate tempering machine

There are some important specifications to look for when buying a chocolate tempering machine.

You can save time and money by choosing a simpler machine. However, if you plan to grow your business, then you may want to consider a more advanced machine.

However, there are some things to consider first before making a final decision.

You can find some of the best machines below at a variety of price points and sizes.

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