The automation of a chocolate machine factory is the dream of many people. However, before you can set up a chocolate machine factory, there are some things you need to consider.

These include the Prerequisites for setting up a chocolate machine factory and the maintenance of the chocolate machine itself. Read on to discover how to automate a chocolate machine factory.

The process begins with the creation of chocolate recipes.

Then, the machines wrap and package the chocolates, so they can be transported to different locations.

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Automating a chocolate machine factory

Innovas, a system integrator for the food industry, has been involved with a project that involves automating a chocolate machine factory.

The company installed three Omron Quattro robots, each of which performs different tasks, such as picking up pieces of chocolate and putting them into dividers.

The robots operate in synchrony, and a vision inspection system checks that the chocolates are positioned in the proper positions.

The company plans to expand its installation of Omron robots in the future, and it has received positive feedback.

The automation system will collect data from PLCs and store it, as well as recipes and failures.

The system will be able to monitor the cooling process and notify the store system when a batch is ready to be packaged.

The automation system will have to be highly reliable, as it will be dealing with food products and 24-hour production processes.

This is an important aspect of any chocolate machine factory. Automation will reduce the labor and cost of the manufacturing process, so this technology will be an important investment.

The TLM line includes six sub-machines. The first unit feeds the chocolates into plastic trays, while the second, third, and fourth units feed the product from three separate infeeds.

Each feeder is equipped with three belts that connect in series. The motion of each belt keeps the chocolates in the correct positions and avoids disturbing already oriented products.

If the chocolates are sorted in the correct position, they can be lifted by the robot and set in the plastic trays.

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Prerequisites for a chocolate machine factory

Creating your own chocolate machine factory requires a good amount of capital.

The process of chocolate making requires at least seven different types of machines.

Granulated sugar is used in chocolate, with a general content of 50 percent.

The machine grinds this sugar into a fine powder that has a profound impact on the overall taste and structure of the product.

It also produces a high-quality finished chocolate. If you want to start your own chocolate factory, here are some pre-requisites you need to know.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for chocolate machine manufacturing.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and does not stain or rust, making it perfect for hygiene concerns.

When purchasing a chocolate machine factory, be sure to find one with a convenient cleaning system.

It should be easy to access all parts and should be designed for easy cleaning.

A good machine is worth its weight in gold and will help you keep hygienic standards high.

A chocolate machine factory should be equipped with a clean, hygienic work space.

Personal hygiene equipment is required for all workers, including clean overalls, masks, and hairnets.

This is crucial for the health of workers as raw cocoa beans are vulnerable to infestations.

Depending on the temperature, this could cause food poisoning.

Also, all substances that touch the chocolate must be stored in temperatures that are appropriate for them.

Maintenance of a chocolate machine

There are various aspects of the maintenance of a chocolate machine factory. First and foremost, it must be hygienic.

The machines should be free from dust and other forms of contamination.

To ensure that the production process is safe and hygienic, the operator panel should always be connected to the working area.

In addition, the machines should be disinfected and the working area should be kept clean.

The machines should be properly stored for long-term use and malfunctioning ones should be replaced.

After purchase, the operator must regularly maintain the machine. After all, he is the one in charge of the product, not the machine.

This is why he or she must be aware of the maintenance requirements of the chocolate machine.

It should be cleaned regularly to maintain its high-quality standards.

It should also have UL, CE, and CSA approved components.

The following steps will help you maintain the machine for longer periods.

Check the depositor nozzle. If the chocolate mix does not adhere properly, it may crystallize around the depositing nozzle.

This can lead to holes in the finished product. To address this problem, you should use emulsifiers.

Another important aspect is the control of the temperature during pre-depositing and cooling.

If the mixing concentrate is too hot, the chocolate will not stick to the mold.

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