There are many advantages of purchasing a chocolate bar making machine in India. First, you get a high quality finished product. Second, you can save a lot of time because the chocolate bar making machine does all the hard work for you.

Third, you can save money on shipping costs.

In India, chocolate bar machines are not as expensive as they are in other countries.

In fact, you can save up to 50% in shipping costs!

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P401 model full automatic cereal bar making machine

This complete cereal bar making machine is an advanced, German-developed production line. It features high configuration, high quality, and flexible configuration.

Its modules include forming machine, sugar cooker, material mixing, tunnel cooling, bar separator, conveyor, and chocolate enrobing machine.

It is designed to produce various types of cereal bars. You can connect the whole line with other processing machines, such as bar-making machines, to produce various types of cereal bars.

The P401 model full automatic cereal bar making machine comes with a complete line that includes a sugar boiler, a material mixer, a lifting conveyor, and a P401 slab bar forming machine.

It also features an electromagnetizing sugar boiler and a bar-separating system.

Moreover, it is compatible with separate units bar packaging machine.

It is also available as a complete bar sorting and packaging line.

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P402 model full automatic cereal bar making machine

The P402 model full automatic cereal bar making machines is a kind of cereal bar production line that uses advanced European technology.

It can produce various types of cereal bars, including energy bars, granola bars, chia seeds bars, nut and seed bars, protein bars, and other cereal bar types.

In addition, it also has the capacity to work together with a chocolate enrobing machine, so you can combine it to make different types of bars.

This machine has various features, including a feeding hopper, double rollers, cooling fans, a cutting unit, and a conveyor.

In addition, the machine can be customized to suit the needs of different customers.

The machine can be designed to match the width of the conveyor belt, height, and other specifications of the customer.

If you are looking for a cereal bar making machine, this one can meet all your requirements.

P403 model full automatic cereal bar making machine

This fully automatic cereal bar making machine is manufactured in India by Kalyan Machines.

This manufacturer has adopted advanced European technology and produced various bar types with high configuration.

This machine can perform syrup cooking, continuous mixing, double rolling, and longitudinal cutting.

It can also coordinate with a chocolate enrobing machine and produce chocolate-enrobed bars.

It has excellent production speed and is easy to operate.

The fully automatic process of cereal bar making can increase the efficiency of the production line.

This machine features reliable system operation, wide production scope, and low maintenance cost.

The machine is a great replacement for manual forming methods in workshops. It also makes various types of snack bars, granola bars, and leisure foods.

It is an excellent choice for manufacturers looking to modernize their food enterprises.

With these advantages, it is highly suitable for small and medium-sized companies that require an automatic cereal bar production line.

Apex model full automatic cereal bar making machine

The Apex model full automatic cereal bar making machine has been developed by a leading company in Germany.

It is an advanced European technology that uses the latest equipment to produce cereal bars.

It features a high configuration and high quality and can be used for different kinds of cereal bars.

Its main components include syrup cooking, material double rolling, tunnel cooling, bar separator, and conveyor.

Moreover, the system can coordinate with a chocolate enrobing machine.

Kalyan Machines is a manufacturer of an automatic nutrition bar processing line.

The machines are highly efficient and feature the latest technologies to produce high-quality products.

The machines are controlled with a single driver that enables the user to change speed, cutter function, pressing function, and cooling function according to the required product.

The Apex model full automatic cereal bar making machine is equipped with all the essential features and comes at a competitive price.

Premier wonder grinder

If you’re planning to start a home business, the Premier Wonder Chocolate Bar Making Machine is one of the best options for you.

This machine uses two grinding stones that press together against a stone base to refine the cocoa and sugar particles to create smooth, delicious chocolate.

Its patented design produces smooth chocolate in less than 24 hours.

This machine is available in many sizes and models. To get the most out of it, you can use it for both chocolate making and refining other types of foods.

This Indian machine is suitable for both milk and white chocolate. To make white chocolate, load in the nibs first, then sugar, and then milk powder.

Once these ingredients are completely melted, add the dry ingredients. Ideally, the nibs should be ground until they become powder.

If you’re making milk chocolate, add the sugar and milk powder last. If you’re making both milk and white chocolate, grind the ingredients according to their liquid states.

ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08

The company will introduce a new range of machines at the Aahar 2016 trade fair.

These include the ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 Chocolate Machine, which enrobes products in chocolate and doubles up as a moulding and tempering machine.

Another new machine, ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 Chocolate Machine, will produce smooth chocolate from cocoa powder.

It uses scrapping technology to promote flavour development through friction.

The Enrober machine by ChocoMan is a versatile piece of equipment that can coat both the top and bottom of the chocolate bar, or just the top. It is equipped with a food-grade revolving wheel and stainless steel blades.

The machine’s versatility is also enhanced by its ability to double as a moulding machine when the enrobing belt is removed.

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