The China Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine is a machine that can produce floating fish food pellets. It is mainly used for the production of floating fish food pellets, which has good quality and is easy to use.

The machine adopts advanced technology from Japan, Germany and America. It has automatic control system, which makes it easy to operate.

The pelletizer can produce different kinds of floating fish food pellets according to the requirements of customers.

The pelletizer can produce high quality pellets with diameter less than 5mm, which are suitable for different kinds of fish.

The shaped mold is made by high quality stainless steel, so the shape is more beautiful and durable than plastic molded products.

Fish Feed Making Machine

Fish Food Pellet Machine

Fish food pellet machine is designed to make fish food pellets with high quality, low cost, and high efficiency. It can produce different shapes of pellets as your request.

The machine uses pneumatic system to control the pellet size and shape. The soft-proofing system makes the pellets have high hardness and not easy to break.

It has double-decked hopper to put material into the machine, so it can load large quantity of materials at one time.

Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine

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China Fish Food Pellet Machine

Fish food pellet machine is the most important equipment for fish feed production. It is used to crush, mix and mold the raw materials into pellets. It is widely used in aquaculture, such as shrimp, fish and crab farming.

The machine uses high-speed rotating knives to cut the raw material into small pieces before they are crushed by a jaw crusher.

The crushed material then enters the hopper where it’s mixed with other ingredients like vitamins, minerals and so on.

The mixed feed then goes through a metal detector to remove foreign objects or broken parts before being molded into pellets and dried in an oven until they’re ready for packaging.

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Blog: China Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine

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Blog: China Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine