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Read on to find out more about how this innovative company has developed from an entrepreneurial idea into a cutting-edge dry pasta enterprise.

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The features of industrial pasta machines include power, versatility, completeness and reliability.

They are powerful enough to operate in an automatic production line, with double bowls, removable mixing trees and adjustable scroll speed with inverter.

Additional features of this machine include cutting, cooling, and a refrigerator.

There are many types to choose from, and some even have multiple attachments.

Read on to discover the most important features of these machines and learn how they can help you improve your business.

This type of machine is capable of making many kinds of fresh pasta, with different shapes and sizes.

This type can be fitted with an automatic line and features a stainless steel mixing tank.

The continuous cycle extruder and food-safe bronze cylinder help produce long and thin sheets.

Some models include a bread maker, dough stabilizer, and kneader.

You can even choose the thickness of the finished product.

However, the high price of the industrial pasta machine may hinder the market growth of this machine.

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A pasta machine industrial offers many advantages.

It can produce a variety of pasta shapes and sizes, and can easily change mold sets, which makes changing the shape of pasta wrappers a breeze.

This machine also meets all food hygiene regulations, which means that it’s a great choice for food manufacturing businesses.

A pasta machine also gives you the option to change the size and shape of pasta in real time, as well as adapt to your changing production requirements.

In addition to this, the pasta machine will provide you with advice on layout design, manpower planning, and space requirements. It will even help you in preparing ingredients and making packaged food.

These machines use high quality materials and components to produce high-quality products.

They also save on energy, which means that the overall cost of making pasta can be reduced.

They also have a high level of automation, allowing for two people to use them at once.

The automated process of making pasta is also highly efficient, and the resulting product is consistently high.

The production process can be completely automated.

And the best part is, these machines can save your company money in labor costs.


If you want to start a small or large industrial pasta factory, you should invest in a commercial pasta machine.

These machines are designed for high-volume artisanal production and include additional cooling systems and larger motors.

Depending on the model, you can use your pasta machine anywhere from six to twelve hours a day.

The ITALGI brand of pasta machines is popular with chefs and manufacturers worldwide, and its machinery can make many different types of pasta.


Industrial pasta makers are used by bakeries, restaurants, and delicatessens to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

The advanced design of these machines allows them to adjust the percentage of dough without stopping the process.

They are made of stainless steel and food-safe materials.

Manufacturers of industrial pasta makers also provide a variety of leasing options for their customers. The following are the advantages of these machines:

The industrial pasta machine is complete, powerful, and can be used in automatic lines.

It has double bowls, removably-replaceable mixing trees, and adjustable scroll speed.

The combined mixer-sheeter type SA prepares the dough and produces a fresh sheet of laminated pasta.

The single sheet forming machine forms fresh sheets of filling.

Each machine has a stainless steel casing, a micro-switch on the bowl lid, and is easy to clean.


Market for electric pasta maker is segmented based on end-users, distribution channels, and geography.

The household segment is expected to account for a significant share of the global market in coming years, owing to the rising consumption of smart kitchen appliances in households.

In addition, growing urbanization is expected to drive this segment’s growth.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global electric pasta maker market over the next few years.

North America is anticipated to dominate the market, owing to the high consumption of smart home appliances, including pasta makers.

In fact, the U.S. household appliance market will reach USD 1,641 million by September 2020, a growth of almost 18% over the previous year.

The region is also expected to benefit from the increasing popularity of homemade breakfasts. However, despite this growth, the market will remain stagnant in the near future.


An excellent industrial pasta machine is one that produces high-quality, consistently shaped products.

High-speed mixing at the inlet ensures perfect hydration of the raw materials and full moistening of the flour particles.

This is why the UTF-GROUP offers spaghetti presses that can produce 250 to 1000 kilograms per hour.

A high-speed mixer then mixes the ingredients and feeds them into the dough-making section.

Then, a continuous kneading machine prepares the dough under vacuum conditions.

The dough is then processed to the final product through the addition of bulk or liquid additives.

The most advanced models come with multiple-use pasta die plates and an electronic control system.

The model OR produces orecchiette, risotto, cavatelli, and linguine.

The CV model produces fettuccine, ravioli, and tortelli.

Its stainless-steel parts are compliant with the EC, and it comes with 14 different pasta die plates.

The industrial pasta machine is also ideal for automatic lines.

It features double bowls, removable mixing trees, an adjustable scroll speed, head cooling, and optional refrigerator.

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