A bone pulverizer machine is a kind of bone-crushing machine to crush animal bones into smaller sizes for easy animal feeding and food making in our daily life.

In this article, you can get an ultimate guide about how to pulverize cow/beef/chicken bones, how much force is required to pulverize bone, can dogs eat pulverized fish bones, etc everything about bone pulverizer machines.

OK, let’s dive in!


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1. What is Bone Pulverizer Machine

The bone pulverizer machine is a new type of meat processing equipment suitable for bone-crushing of beef bones, sheep bones, pig bones, fish bones, etc.

The machine is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and sanitation, high production efficiency, safe and reliable work, and uniform crushing.

The bone pulverizer can be used in conjunction with a conveyor belt, adopts automatic feeding and discharging, and reduces the dynamic strength.

This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, compact structure, stable operation, low-temperature rise, no material storage, and adjustable particle size.

This bone pulverizer machine is especially suitable for crushing dry bones, fresh beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, donkey bones, and other animal bones and fish bones, with a crushing range of 5-80mm.

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2. How much Force Required to Pulverize Bone

For some bones, like caricatures, a force of around 742 pounds would be demanded, while harder bones like the femur bone, would bear up to 899 pounds of force.

Bones are great as compressional forces vertically, but when impacted horizontally, bones are significantly weaker.

3. Can Dogs Eat Pulverized Fish Bones

Dogs are not allowed to eat pulverized fish bones. After all, dogs eating fish bones can easily get stuck in the throat, which will cause certain harm to the dog.

If the dog vomits, it means that the fish bone is uncomfortable in the throat. , To observe the dog more, after he vomits, he can usually get the fish bones out.

4. How to Pulverize Bones

You can use a bone pulverizer to crush various animal bones such as pig bones, cattle bones, sheep bones, fish bones, chicken bones, etc. The operation is simple, convenient, and practical.

5. How to Pulverize Cow Bones

1). Crushing: The bone is crushed into small pieces and placed in a pot and boiled for 1 to 8 hours. The purpose is to remove the fat from the bone.

When processing crude bone meal, it is best to combine the processing of extracting bone oil and bone acid by boiling method. While obtaining bone meal in this way, bone oil and glue can also be obtained.

2). After draining the water and drying, put it in a drying room or oven, and dry it at a temperature of 100℃~140℃ for 10-12 hours.

3). Crushing: Use a pulverizer or stone mill to grind the dried bones into powder, which is the finished product.

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6. How to Pulverize Beef Bones

1)Choose soft, raw bones that are easy to break down.

2)Break up the bones into lower sections to feed into the grinder.

3)Set out a coliseum if it’s demanded to catch the ground bones.

4)Feed the bones 1 at a time into a grinder or mixer attachment.

5)Grind multiple bones together if you’re using a blender or processor.

Here are detailed steps about how to pulverize bones.

7. How to Pulverize Chicken Bones

The chicken bone grinding and crushing pulverizer is grinded at a high speed by a stainless steel rotor stator, one of which rotates at a high speed and the other is stationary so that the material passes through the material between the toothed slopes and is subjected to great shear and friction.

Using chicken bone paste as the main raw material, the nutritional characteristics of raw and cooked chicken bone raw materials of different ages, the hardness distribution of different parts of chicken bones.

The effect of high temperature and high pressure cooking on softening characteristics are studied, and the pre-cooking treatment process is determined.

The processing technology and key parameter control of chicken bone paste prepared by wet ultra-fine pulverization.

The rheological properties of chicken bone paste, gel strength, texture and other processing characteristics and their influencing factors have been systematically studied.

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Blog: Bone Pulverizer: The Ultimate Guide

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Blog: Bone Pulverizer: The Ultimate Guide