The Kenyan client bought a bone crusher to crush chicken, beef, fish, and other animal bones. The machine is versatile and works well with various types of bones, including hard ones.

The broken bone material is sold to a local butcher, who can then use it for animal feed or to make sausages.

It is also popular with meat processing factories and is used in the production of quick-frozen foods.

This machine is made of super quality alloy steel, and can be used for crushing a variety of animal bones.

The blades are extremely sharp and can be sharpened to a fine point. The jaws of the jaw crusher are used to crush a variety of bones and are suitable for large animals.

This machine can also crush the bones in smaller pieces. The bucket wheel diameter is two-to-three hundred millimeters.


The bone crusher machine has an adjustable speed. It is available in different models.

The size of the jaws depends on the type of bones you want to crush. The maximum crushing capacity of the jaw crusher is 35mm.

The sifting screen can be adjusted to crush hard bones more efficiently. The Kenyan customer uses the bone crusher to crush beef bones.

Another good reason for purchasing the Kenyan bone crusher is its flexibility.

The machine can process various kinds of animal bones, including chicken, fish, and pig.

The jaws of bone crusher machines are made of high-quality alloy steel and have a long service life.

The electric motor is protected against overload and provides high-speed operation.

The feeding hopper is made of stainless steel and is noise-insulating. In addition to being a good choice for food processing, bone soup and powder can also be used in puffing snacks.

This machine is an excellent addition to your kitchen and can be easily bought in the Kenyan market.

The Kenyan bone crusher can be used for grinding different kinds of animal bones. The end product is bone powder. In addition, it can be used in making salt essence and flavorings.

The grinder also has a conveyor and is widely used in food processing. It can grind any type of animal bone.

In addition, it can be combined with a bone paste grinder for additional versatility. It is widely used in the food industry in the country.

This machine can be easily operated by both women and men. Its simple structure and stainless steel construction makes it safe for all kinds of animals.

It is used in many industries, including the processing of meat.

The Kenyans are very aware of the importance of hygiene and food safety.

In the region, this technology can be useful for the rendering of all kinds of animals, including chicken. These machines can also be found in hospitals.

Features of Bone Crusher Machine

The Kenyan bone crusher has been used for crushing various animal bones for decades.

Its blades are sharp and abrasion resistant. Its powerful electric motor can crush many different animal bones at once.

Hence, bone crushers are essential for meat processing and bone recycling.

They also make a great addition to any farm. They are ideal for crushing a wide variety of animal bones.

However, the process of crushing animals is time consuming.

The bone grinder has many uses. The machine can be used to crush bones in the rendering industry.

It is also used in the meat ball making industry. It can crush fish and cow bones.

Apart from processing animal bones, it can also be used for grinding fish and human meat.

Unlike other types of grinding machinery, it has an impressive capacity of reducing bone fragments. Its main purpose is to create bone meal.

Package of Bone Crusher Machine

In the Kenyan market, a bone crusher can break fish, pig, and chicken bones.

It can be used to grind shrimp paste, chicken pulp, and pig skin. The machine also has special teeth for breaking animal bones.

It can be used for grinding fish, squid, and poultry. Besides, a bone crusher can be used for other types of meat.

This device is also used for a variety of foods.

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