There are several benefits to buying an industrial pasta machine. These include its robust design, versatility, and dependability. They are often used in automatic lines, and include features such as double bowls, removable mixing trees, adjustable scroll speed with inverter, head cooling, and a range of other features.

You may also want to purchase an optional refrigerator.

And don’t forget to check out the warranty of the product! Buying one today will save you time and money in the future!

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Commercial pasta machines

An industrial pasta machine for sale is complete, versatile, and highly reliable.

It is ideally suited for use in automatic production lines and features double bowls and removable mixing trees.

The machine features inverter-controlled scroll speeds and cutting and head cooling capabilities.

Some machines even feature a refrigerator.

If you are planning to start your own pasta processing business, you should know the advantages of an industrial pasta machine. Let us see what the advantages are!

Suitable for higher-volume production, commercial-grade machines feature more powerful motors, gearboxes, and additional cooling.

They can work continuously for six to 12 hours, making them the ideal machine for medium-sized businesses and restaurants.

Larger commercial models are ideal for factories, large restaurants, and other businesses that produce a lot of pasta.

The pasta-making process can be very complex, but a well-designed industrial machine will make your job easier and more productive.

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Pasta rollers

The process of creating homemade noodles is easy, and the resulting dough is better tasting than store-bought pasta. It is also cheaper, and tastier, than pasta purchased from a store.

Whether you need to create long-cut ziti, ribbon-cut lasagna noodles, or short-cut macaroni tubes, a pasta maker can help you make your favorite recipes.

It is not difficult to operate, and is a great addition to your kitchen.

The ITALGI pasta machines are powerful, reliable, and complete. They can produce all types of pasta, including cannelloni and stuffed gnocchi, as well as regional pasta.

Some models come with double bowls and removable mixing trees.

In addition, they can combine different types of drying chambers to provide optimal drying conditions and the ultimate pasta product.

Depending on the needs of your business, there may be other options available, such as a refrigerator.

Pasta cutters

There are various types of pasta cutters available in the market, with the four-pair design proving to be the most popular one.

Pasta machines can be purchased either manually or as stand-mixer add-ons, and come with different kinds of dies.

Some machines can also be used in automatic lines. Other features of a pasta machine include double-bowls, removable mixing trees, adjustable scroll speed with inverter, cutting, head cooling, and optional refrigeration.

Manual and electric models both have advantages and disadvantages. Manual machines work by hand cranks, and are ideal for thin sheets of dough or flat, long noodles.

You can operate them independently or in tandem with other pasta makers, although manual models are usually easier to clean.

You can also choose between a manual and an electric model, as the former is easier to clean.

Some machines are made of heavier stainless steel, which is inert and won’t rust.

Pasta press

An Industrial pasta press is a highly-efficient, versatile and reliable pasta production machine.

Its features include double mixing trees, adjustable scroll speed with inverter, cutting, cooling, and a refrigerator.

The optional refrigerator allows you to store freshly-made pasta in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve it.

Industrial pasta press machines can produce from 250 to 1000 kilograms per hour.

They are made of high-quality stainless steel and can also be customized to suit the production needs of your business.

Many models feature a variety of cutters. The cutters can be used to create a variety of shapes.

For example, a lasagnette cutter is included to make a thin ribbon pasta. Another cutter produces lasagna-style, tagliolini, and ravioli.

Moreover, the user-friendly design allows for a variety of pasta shapes and sizes.

The pasta-maker has several different settings to adjust the thickness of dough.

The cutters are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned easily. 

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