If your dryer has a worn-out belt, you can easily replace it. Simply unplug the machine and lift the lid to check for any damage. Remove any old clips holding the lid on. Pull the old belt out and place the new one in its place.

You can also use a putty knife to loosen the screws holding the front panel to the drum. You must be sure to keep the door panel in a secure position or it may fall on your foot.

First, remove the bottom floor panel of the dryer and unscrew it. Then, lift the drum of the dryer and pull it out of the machine. Locate the front pully on the motor shaft and align the belt groove with the pully on the motor shaft.

Connect the new belt to the idler pulley and then connect it to the motor. It should slide into the slot in the top floor. Then, reinstall the front panel.

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Once you remove the top panel, you must unscrew the 2 screws attached to the lint screen housing. Once you have removed the top panel, you must unscrew two clips that hold the top panel of the dryer.

You should be able to remove the old drum belt with ease. If the top panel of the dryer does not come off easily, you may have to unscrew the top panel.

Once you have removed the top panel, lift the front panel of the dryer and release the lint screen.

After you remove the top panel, you need to remove the control panel. Then, you need to open up the console, clip the front panel back into place, and then re-thread the screws. The remaining panels should be secure.

Then, you can reconnect the wire harness to the console and test the dryer. You can then remove the back panel and test it once again to make sure that it works properly.

And, if necessary, you can reattach the other panels. Once you have reattached the panels, you can reattach the control board by unscrewing the screws.

If you are unable to start the dryer, you must unclip the top panel. You should also remove the two screws that hold the top panel down. You should now be able to slide the top panel away.

Once you’ve removed the top, you must remove the plastic tabs on the back of the unit. If the top panel has a plastic tab on it, you can now remove the top panel. If you need to replace the belt, you can simply do it yourself.

After un-plugging the power cord, unplug the power cord and unscrew the front panel of the dryer. Then, remove the two screws on the top panel, and the control panel. Then, you must unscrew the two screws in the back panel.

Then, pull out the front panel. You should be able to reach the control panel without the help of a screwdriver. Afterward, you should replace the belt by removing the control panel and opening the door.

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After the front panel is removed, remove the old belt from the drum. The new belt must fit into the grooves of the drum. If the belt does not fit, then you should replace the motor pulley.

After the motor has been disconnected, disconnect the power source. After this, you need to unplug the dryer from the wall outlet.

Then, you need to remove the front drum and the back drum. To do this, make sure you unplug the appliance and set the new belt in place.

The drive belt of a dryer is an important part of the appliance. The belt is connected to the drive motor and must remain tight to keep the machine operating properly.

A damaged drive-belt will prevent your dryer from running smoothly. Therefore, if the drive-belt is broken, you must replace it to avoid further problems.

The repair is a relatively easy and affordable do-it-yourself project. However, if you don’t feel confident with your DIY skills, you can also call a service center and get it fixed.

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Using a screwdriver is the easiest way to replace a belt in a dryer. You can buy different brands of screws. Choose ones that are safe for you and your clothes.

If you’re not comfortable with using a screwdriver, use a flat blade. It will be safer to use a Phillips screwdriver, as the flat blade can damage the dryer.

You should also take a look at the belt of the dryer drum. It should be able to follow the marks on the original belt.

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