If you’re looking for bean to bar equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things to consider: The size of mixer, how many cocoa beans, and what type of chocolate melangeur to use.

These three factors will greatly influence the size of your equipment. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating delicious beverages.

And don’t worry – you won’t have to be a barista to get started!

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Cocoa beans

KOCOTEK manufactures bean to bar equipment. Her machines are ideal for making craft and artisan chocolates.

They clean and pulverize cacao beans to create a high-quality final product. All of their equipment is constructed from stainless steel and food-grade plastics.

The KOCOTEK 10-kg bean to bar line comes complete with all of the equipment needed to make great tasting chocolates.

This small-scale, portable production line is perfect for small batches, laboratory trials, or even a home chocolate-making hobbyist.

Before roasting, cocoa beans should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure no foreign matter remains.

If the beans have germinated, it should be removed.

The rest of the mold and germs will be destroyed in the roasting and winnowing process.

The equipment that JAF Inox offers is designed with the safety of consumers in mind.

This means that all parts are constructed with AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic.

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Chocolate melangeur

A chocolate melangeur is a stone grinder ideal for turning cocoa nibs into rich, creamy chocolate liquor.

This equipment is perfect for raw chocolate makers, commercial chocolatiers, and home candy makers alike.

Two giant revolving granite rollers and a granite slab work together to grind beans into a fine powder, allowing for maximum retention of their intrinsic qualities and organoleptic profile.

The result is chocolate that is as smooth as silk.

The melangeur reduces particle size and coats them with more fat. The smaller the particle size, the more fat is released, and particles move more smoothly.

The higher the fat content, the greater the viscosity of the final product.

This process is most efficient when the chocolate melangeur produces small batches of bars, rather than large batches.

For artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Selmi melangeur equipment is a convenient choice.


The Conches bean to bar equipment line consists of everything you need to make the most delicious artisan chocolate possible.

It is space-efficient, Stainless Steel, and plug-and-play.

Its high-quality granite roller stones ensure particle size is under 20 microns, providing the perfect shear to maximize retention of bean properties and organoleptic profiles.

Its DCM Melanger 20 is an excellent choice for smaller production lines.

This chocolate-making equipment features single and double shaft conches.

Single-shaft conches are typically used when high-cocoa content chocolate is desired.

Double-shaft conches provide high efficiency by reducing water content while increasing shear.

The water temperature is monitored by a PT-100 sensor and the speed is controlled by a frequency control system.

Longitudinal conches are used when capacity is not as important as taste and aroma.

They allow extraction of volatile acids and enhance flavour development.

Size of mixer

When it comes to the bean-to-bar industry, the size of the machine that you buy is a vital aspect.

Small machines are inefficient when it comes to scaling up, increasing both costs and energy consumption.

To be successful, the bean-to-bar industry must be profitable, and a small machine is not the best option.

Also, two machines of the same name are not necessarily the same. There are also some differences in size and price.

A good machine to choose is the one that will give you maximum flexibility.

If you want to make artisan chocolates, you can go for a high-quality, single origin bean-to-bar machine.

Purchasing a machine that is compatible with multiple machines is also a smart idea.

You will need a mixer and a grinder, and a cocoa butter press will help you achieve these goals.

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