There are many choices for the bean to bar chocolate making equipment you will use. Here are some suggestions: the Tecno 3 Multiprocess C chocolate tempering machine, Cocoatown melanger, and Stephan mixer. Which one is right for you?

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In addition to a tempering machine, you’ll also need to invest in additional equipment like pots, bowls, microwave, and other utensils.

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Tecno 3 Multiprocess C

Tecno 3 offers an innovative solution for small-scale chocolate production. Their Multiprocess C and R machines combine the various steps of chocolate making into one compact machine.

Multiprocess C can make batches of five or 25 kilograms, and both are suitable for small-scale chocolate production.

This machine features a Siemens touch screen HMI and requires just one operator to operate.

To ensure high-quality chocolate, Multiprocess C uses AISI 304 stainless steel and requires no training.

Tecno 3 developed the Multiprocess R and C units over a period of one year.

They were first unveiled at the Sigep exhibition in Rimini, Italy, which follows trends in artisan products, ingredients, technologies, and equipment.

This show attracts some of the most respected Italian chefs and chocolate makers, and Tecno 3’s booth was directly next to Domori’s.

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Cocoatown melanger

A melanger is a piece of equipment used for making chocolate.

It consists of a granite wheel or two wheels, which rotate inside a cylindrical metal drum, usually stainless steel.

The weight of the two wheels against each other creates shear forces that grind the chocolate, aerate it, and homogenize its texture. Ideally, the mixture should be between 40 and 80 percent cocoa content.

There are several types of melangers, but a melanger is the most common one used.

This equipment is useful for grinding, finishing, and making various gourmet foods, like truffles.

Because of its stainless steel construction, it is hygienic and friendlier to the environment.

However, it is important to calculate shipping and handling costs before purchasing one.

A melanger supplier should sell you a complete set of equipment, keeping your total cost down.

Stephan mixer

In this study, we compared three different methods of bean-to-bar chocolate production.

We found that the Stephan mixer was more effective in removing moisture and improving the flow properties of chocolate than the conche method.

In particular, the longer the vacuum pump was in use, the more moisture was removed from the chocolate.

In addition, the longer the vacuum was, the lower the boiling point of chocolate, and therefore, the lower the moisture content.

Another notable element of the Stephan mixer is its versatility.

It can perform a variety of tasks, from cutting and fine cutting to mixing, blending, pureeing, and emulsifying.

It is equipped to work under vacuum, which makes it ideal for food handling in various industries.

In addition to the bean-to-bar chocolate making process, this machine can be used for preparing other food items, including cheeses, dressings, and meat and frankfurters.


Developing and manufacturing multipurpose chocolate making equipment, CocoaTown has been developing and selling bean to bar chocolate making equipment for decades.

Its products include chocolate making equipment, nut butters, milks, and gourmet foods. Its equipment has helped thousands of people create high-quality chocolate bars from beans.

This equipment is available to any home or commercial kitchen and costs as little as $200.

Each unit can produce up to six pounds of chocolate per day.

The Spectra melangeur is the most popular piece of cocoatown bean to bar chocolate making equipment.

It combines two large revolving granite rollers with a slab to create intense grinding action, which liquefies the chocolate.

These machines are available for rent or purchase. Homemade machines are another option, but they are expensive and large.

However, if you’re only making a few bars a day, homemade machines are a good option.

Tecno 3

While there were a number of bean to bar chocolate making equipment systems on the market, none offered an all-in-one system.

Suppliers typically offered a few different components, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Moreover, no one offered a machine with a compact footprint.

This led Domori to make modifications to the first prototype, and the machine went to Domori for testing and upgrading.

Tecno 3’s Multiprocess R and C machines have the features that make them ideal for smaller-scale production.

The Multiprocess R is designed for the production of small quantities of chocolate and can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Multiprocess C transforms cocoa nibs into liquid chocolate in just two hours.

Tecno 3’s newest bean-to-bar chocolate production equipment is available for a variety of capacities.

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