If you are interested in preparing meat balls, sausages and soups, an automatic bone crusher machine is the best tool for you. Its sharp blade and conveyor belt can crush all kinds of animal bones and are a great way to produce these items.

The broken bones are also suitable for making compound seasonings, pet food and even powder soup. There are many benefits of using this equipment. In addition, it is easy to clean and operate.

An automatic bone crusher machine can process fresh/dry animal bones, ranging from chicken to beef.

The particle size can be adjusted to make sure that the bones are of the right consistency.

The blades of the bone grinding machine are made of super quality alloy steel, and are thin and sharp.

The feeding hopper is stainless steel to ensure safety and easy cleaning. It also features an overload protection system and a noise-insulating structure.


Depending on the mechanism, the automatic bone crusher machine will crush all kinds of animal bones to a final fineness of about 35mm. These machines are designed to be durable, and are also designed to handle heavy loads.

They are suitable for grinding fresh and dried bones. Furthermore, they are easy to use. If you are preparing meat products, the automatic bone crusher machine will reduce the amount of labor needed in the kitchen.

The best thing about these machines is that they can be purchased at various price ranges and are available at a wide range of prices.

Apart from being easy to use, these machines are hygienic. They are made of stainless steel, and can grind a variety of animal bones. Some even come with a conveyor to facilitate the process.

They can make bone powder with a final fineness of three to five millimeters, which is excellent for hams and sausages.

Moreover, bone powders can be used in different recipes, including soups, sauces and sausages.

This type of automatic bone crusher machine is useful in sausage production, which is one of the most popular applications for the product. It can break all kinds of bones, from chicken bones to pig bones, and can be used in sausage making.

The impact force of the blades is evenly distributed, and the crushed pieces are of uniform size. These machines can also be used for making seasoning powders and fish. They are suitable for all types of dry and fresh bones.

Automatic bone crusher machines have several advantages. The machine is easy to use and can be used to process different kinds of animal bones. They can be used to crush a variety of bones, from small femurs to large bones.

By reducing the size of the bones, these machines can produce bone paste of up to three millimeters.

This can be an extremely useful product in the food and animal industries. So, don’t hesitate to buy an automatic bone crusher for your home.

Features of Bone Crusher Machine

The automatic bone crusher is widely used in the sausage production industry. It can also be used to crush large bones. Its shear force improves and the crushing force is uniform.

Its grate can crush all kinds of animal bones, including fish and donkey bones. Another benefit of an automatic bone crusher is its versatility.

It can handle big and small bones with ease. The machines can also be used in seasoning powder manufacturing.

Besides crushing bones, the automatic bone grinder can also be used to process other animal bones.

It can be used for fish, ox horn, pig and sheep bones. It can also crush chicken and fish bones.

Its flexibility is another benefit of this type of machine. Moreover, it can also be used for processing compound seasonings.

So, you can be sure that this machine is a perfect solution for your kitchen!

Package of Bone Crusher Machine

A bone crusher is widely used in meatball and sausage production. It can crush big bones to a fineness of about three to five microns. It is ideal for grinding dry bones.

Additionally, it can be used for grinding plastic and dried bones.

A fully automatic bone crusher machine will crush a variety of animal bones.

Whether you are processing a chicken or beef, the automatic bone crusher will crush all the bones in seconds.

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