Artifical rice making machine is designed to process broken rice into small grains. This machine contains an extruder and a rotary dryer that help strengthen the micronutrients in the rice. It can be used to make various shapes of rice, including sushi.

The equipment can be operated easily by a single person, as well as by a large group. The capacity of these machines can range from 120 to 150 kilograms per hour.

An automatic artificial rice making machine is based on the nutritional demand and advanced technology. It is suitable for modern enterprises. It can save energy and high production efficiency. It can also treat the raw materials, including buckwheat, brown, red, purple, and golden rice.

The food can be processed using the same method as natural rice and is just as tasty and nutritious. Moreover, it can even be used to make medicinal and sugar-free rice.

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The main components of an artifical rice making machine include raw materials handling, extrusion, drying, and controlling systems. Integrated control systems and a speed-adjustable converter make this equipment convenient for small-scale enterprises.

The automatic lubrication feature in the gearbox keeps the system working safely. And the automatic temperature controller helps reduce the operating cost of the equipment. In addition, it has a low land occupation, enabling it to process various raw materials.

The main components of an artifical rice making machine are the main materials, the extruder, and the dryer. The extruder is the main component. It consists of three main parts: the mixing, broken rice, and the drive motor.

Its features include automatic lubrication function and speed-adjustable converter. The gearbox is cooled by a forced cooling effect. The increased radiator on the driving part also ensures safety during operation.

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Another major component of an artifical rice making machine is the dryer. This includes a hot air circulation system, moisture discharge system, and drive motor. The other two components are the raw materials configuration and the dryer. They work together to produce the rice.

After the raw materials are treated, the rice is roasted and made into powder. It is easy to cook and contains the same nutrition as natural rice. There are many advantages of an artifical-rice-making machine.

The most important feature of an artifical rice making machine is its high degree of automation. It is equipped with a hot air circulation system, a moisture discharge system, and a conveyor system.

The extruder feeder is equipped with a vibratory doser that feeds the extruder mechanism. The rotary drier has a gas burner and an independent electric panel. Moreover, the automatic lubrication function extends the gear life of the machine.

An artifical rice making machine can also add different nutrient elements to produce rice with more nutritional value. For example, an artifical rice extruder can be used to extrude sweetened or salted rice. Some models can be custom-made with OEM, ODM, and OEM options.

They are designed to be easy to maintain and can be adjusted to fit any kitchen. The machine also has a built-in fan, which makes it efficient and cost-effective.

In addition to being easy to use, an artifical rice making machine also has a high degree of automation, which is important for its low production costs. The machine will take the raw materials and blend them into rice flour and other forms, including golden and buckwheat rice.

Unlike natural products, artifical rice will not require cooking, but will provide the same nutritional value. The benefits of this type of artificial rice are not only numerous: it is more efficient and saves resources.

An artifical rice making machine is an important part of the food industry. It is a great way to increase the production of rice, while ensuring that it is made of healthy ingredients. It is also a great way to make extra income.

It’s not only a great way to supplement your household’s budget, but it can also help you reach a wider market. If you’re considering purchasing an artifical grain extruder, contact a trusted manufacturer today!

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