An animal feed pellet production line is a suitable solution for making a variety of feeds for livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals. This machine is ideal for a large feed factory or breed farm. It can be customized to process a variety of raw materials and has a high level of production efficiency.

Some of the benefits of this equipment include low energy consumption and high efficiency. Moreover, it comes with free factory designing and installation services. Besides, it will provide timely after-sale service for customers.

The structure of the feed pellet production line is usually divided into two types: floor and integral steel frame. The floor type is compact and easy to operate. The main components of this machine are the crusher, granulator, cooler, sieve, and packaging equipment.

The feeding machine adopts the SPB powerful narrow belt transmission system with ideal transmission efficiency.

The metering and batching systems are equipped with computer and the entire production process is automatic. It can produce different sizes of pellets (1.5mm to 10mm) according to the requirements of the livestock.

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An animal feed pellet production line consists of clear sections with all necessary equipments. This machine generally comprises crushing, granulating, transport, cooling and drying, sieving, and packaging equipment. It also has an ideal structure and is easy to operate.

Small and medium-sized pellet plants generally adopt manual metering and ingredients. Larger scale units adopt computer automatic metering and batching. The level of mechanical automation is high.

A complete set of animal feed pellet production line is generally comprised of the following machinery: mixing, grinding, and packaging.

The granulating equipment mainly includes the bucket elevator, mixer, cooler, fan, and double rollers crumbler. It can also be used in packaging.

The feed pellet production line is a good choice for small and medium-sized poultry raising and breading plants, as it is suitable for both home and commercial use.

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The complete set of animal feed pellet production line is composed of several sections. The components of a feed plant machinery include crushing and granulating equipment, transportation equipment, cooling and drying equipment, sieving equipment, and packaging equipment.

This machine is easy to use and offers many benefits. Its compact structure and high efficiency make it an excellent choice for commercial farming and marketing. These pellets are made in a range of sizes to suit various animals.

This animal feed pellet production line can produce a variety of feeds. It can produce 28mm feed pellets and has a production capacity of 600-1000kg per hour. It is a good choice for farming or for marketing.

The machine has a ring die, two rollers, and a bucket elevator. It also features a cooling chamber and a fan, and can be configured for different feeds.

An animal feed pellet production line can be divided into two distinct structural forms: a floor-based machine and an integral steel-frame-based machine.

The floor-based version has an integrated steel frame, while the integrated type uses a steel-framed structure. The latter is easier to operate and requires less space than the former.

The two types are suitable for small and medium-sized poultry raising plants, and contractors. Depending on the materials used, an animal feed pellet production line can be used for a variety of purposes.

There are two types of animal feed pellet production line. A floor-based model is easy to operate and has a compact structure. It has several advantages, including low energy consumption and high output.

A good machine can process several types of feed materials. A small machine will process grains, while a large machine will be suitable for corn, soybeans, and other grains.

One of the advantages of a small plant is the fact that it can be operated by just one person.

A feed pellet production line is a complete set of machinery that includes the processing and packaging of animal feeds.

In addition to animal feeds, a feed pellet production line can also produce various types of animal powder.

It is a good option for marketing and farm use. There are also several types of animal-feed pellet production machines.

In general, the pellet production line has three stages: the feeding part, the packaging stage, and the cooling stage.

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