A blower hopper dryer is an efficient machine that dries plastics in industrial processes. It is equipped with a double-layered materials tank and has a temperature regulator and a week-timer. This unit is easy to install and is available with multiple safety features.

Unlike other drying machines, it has a low noise level and can be changed easily.

It also offers many other advantages, such as being easy to install, changing temperatures, and simple installation.

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A hopper dryer has several advantages over a conventional drying process. Its high temperature allows it to dry non-hygroscopic plastic resins efficiently.

A blower hopper dryer also has the advantage of being convenient to use and has a variable control for temperature.

It is a popular appliance for plastics processing because it can be installed directly on a molding machine or floor stand with a take-off box.

A blower hopper dryer is the most economical option for drying plastic products.

Unlike other drying processes, it does not require any electrical power and can save on energy costs up to 30%.

Because of its two main components – the hopper and the blower – a hopper dryer is the best choice for plastic processing. 

features of vertical dryer

A stainless steel material holder ensures that contaminants do not get into the process.

A hopper dryer can also be used for various other applications, such as drying glass and rubber.

package of vertical dryer

Depending on the needs of the application, you can choose from different types of models.

Generally, all models come with a double-insulated barrel to avoid the buildup of dust in the electric heating tube.

Some models also come with a pre-heating timing device and a microcomputer control.

A special hot air bend tube design prevents the accumulation of dust on the electric heating tube.

An effective hot air diffusion device ensures that hot air reaches all parts of the material and is uniformly distributed throughout the chamber.

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