The 12kg hopper dryer is an efficient drying equipment for plastics. It can be installed directly on a blow molding machine or an extruder machine. This economical piece of equipment is ideal for drying a variety of plastic materials.

It is ideal for minimizing waste and reducing production costs. The hopper dryer is also easy to use and maintain. The machine is compact and provides a consistent level of dryness.

Its wide range of capacities and features makes it an excellent investment for your business.

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The 12kg hopper dryer can be used for drying hygroscopic engineering plastics. This device can be directly mounted on an injection molding machine.

It is equipped with a dew point of -40 deg C. The hopper dryer has a wide range of applications, ranging from packing to drying hygroscopic plastics.

It is available in a variety of sizes and capacities. If you’re looking for a smaller dryer, the HHD series has an industrial design and a direct-junction design.

Injection molding machines use the hopper dryer to dewater and dry plastic materials. They are ideal for dewatering PET flakes and are available in different sizes.

They can also be equipped with exclusive filter media to ensure the material is completely dry. Whether you’re looking for a smaller or larger unit, you’ll find the right machine for your business.

The AMD series hopper dryers are a low-cost, effective way to dry raw material in the plastic and rubber industries.

And if you’re in need of maintenance service, contact us. We’ll be there to answer any questions you may have.

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This machine is the perfect solution for drying plastic materials. A typical 12KG hopper dryer can be purchased for as little as $300. The temperature can be adjusted easily to suit your specific needs.

The average batch size of 12KG is dried in about two hours. The machine runs on 220/240V. It is ideal for drying small batches.

These machines also have freestanding frames to enable independent installation. You can find these dryers in various sizes and prices.

Injection molding machines can be used as plastic hopper dryers. They are an efficient option for drying plastic materials. They’re perfect for hotels and manufacturing plants.

You can choose from a 12- or 50-kg hopper dryer and it will be a good investment for your business. They’re also ideal for drying different types of products.

You can get the 12kg rotor dryer for a small price and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Its capacity is ideal for processing plastic raw material. The hopper loader is used for transferring plastic raw material to a drying station.

The machine also comes with an in-feed hopper and can be used as a transfer system from a storage bin to a machine.

Most hoppers have a weight capacity between 50 and 200 kg.

There are different kinds of hopper dryers for different materials and these machines vary in size.

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Blog: 12kg Hopper Dryer: An Efficient Drying Equipment For Plastics

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Blog: 12kg Hopper Dryer: An Efficient Drying Equipment For Plastics